Noises (Dependence Day 11)

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Undisclosed Location – June 30, 2010

Tick. Tick. Tick.

The Reverend James Onlee wakes up alone for the first time in two years. He looks around, discovering a grim sight: his Church sanctuary is empty, the people and paraphernalia all removed from the premises. He rises from the pew, barely seeing in the dim light of the room. He notices but one real light source, emanating from the nearby exit. And yet, as he approaches the doorway, much of the light is blocked out by a silhouette. From this shadow comes an all too familiar voice, a tone nearly as cold as the air rushing through the doorway.

“Hello, Reverend.”

Tick. Tick.

The shadow moves slightly, the light revealing the face of none other than Legion, the Disciple of Onlee. Legion looks at his mentor with a twisted smirk, the Reverend staring in confusion.

“I’ve had some time to think it over, after what happened at Death or Glory. Over a year ago, you opened my eyes to the truth, to the word of God. And yet, it always had to be about YOU, didn’t it?”

Onlee glares at Legion, beginning to scold his disciple…but Legion cuts him off before he can get in a word.

“You called me to your side at the beginning of the year, and for what? So you can steal away another man’s family? You were like a father to me, and you cast me aside for a son that didn’t belong to you. Your Church was your family, and you deserted us for your obsession with Sebastian Cross!”

Onlee tries again to speak up, his voice wavering just slightly.

“Legion, I…”

Legion shoots his hand up, stopping the Reverend dead in his tracks.

“Silence! You can’t explain your way out of this one, Onlee.”

Tick. Tick.

“You taught us to steer away from sin, and yet you fell into the same trap as that heathen clown. You are no better than Dorian Wong, you traitor! The Church has been led astray because of your folly, and it is time for its new leader to guide them on the right path again.”

Tick. Tick.

A scowl grows on the face of Onlee, who shouts with frenzy.

“You fool! I taught you everything you know, what will you do without me? What will the Church of Onlee do, without their shepherd to guide them?”

Legion merely chuckles, his wicked smirk widening to a grin.

“And there’s that little problem, all over again. The Church of ONLEE…try as I might, I can’t get over the fact that you made the Church, the body of God, into YOUR own image. That, James Onlee, is idolatry…the greatest sin of all. The new Church will do just fine without you, and so will I.”

Tick. Tick. Tick.

“Do you hear that, James? It’s time ticking away until your evil reign of terror comes to an end. The age of Onlee is over, and God has chosen me to lead His people. His glory will live forever, and the Church shall endure. Amen.”

Tick. Tick.

“Goodbye, James Onlee. Goodbye, Reverend. Goodbye…Deliverer.”

With this Legion steps back, slamming the door shut. Onlee finds himself in a pitch black room now, until a faint red light appears in the distance. The Reverend walks with caution towards the source, stumbling upon a nightmare come true: an LED timer staring him in the face, counting down.

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Ten seconds, now.

“I taught him all too well.”

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Seven seconds. Onlee drops to his knees as he begins to pray in silence.

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Three seconds.

Tick. Tick.

One second.


Long Beach, CA – July 1, 2010

Thump. Thump.

A loud knock on the door distracts Legion from his morning prayer. The young leader of the Church rises from his knees, adjusting his robe as he approaches the door of the new sanctuary.

Thump. Thump.

“Hurry up in there!”

Legion reaches for the doorknob as he hears a noise from behind the door, an older man clearing his throat. Opening the door cautiously, he discovers the man responsible for disturbing him: Ornery Hillman, the “ringleader” of the One Ring Circus. Hillman stares at his latest acquisition from behind his menacing sunglasses, to which Legion merely responds with a smirk.

“And what brings my new financial backer out here, to my humble abode?”

Hillman scoffs with a smirk of his own.

“Don’t get too excited, Churchy. Seeing as you don’t have a cell phone, I made sure to drop by to tell you about the meeting later today. I even took time out to book a place nearby, just to make it easier on you. You can thank me later.”

Legion nods in agreement, smiling now.

“Shall I bring the congregation?”

Hillman shakes his head.

“No need, it’s strictly ORC business. Feel free to bring those Sisters In Need, though; the fellas could use something to stare at.”

Legion glares at Hillman, who is not shaken one bit.

“Be ready soon, the limo’s waiting.”

With this Hillman makes his exit, allowing Legion to prepare for his first major meeting in years.

Later That Day

Inside a local meeting room we find the One Ring Circus gathered together, sitting at a table in different seats. Hillman stands at the head of the table near a projection screen, while MDK and Ryan Ruckus sit at opposite sides of the table. Legion sits near MDK while Misty is stuck sitting next to Ruckus. The two elder ORC members chuckle with a sneer, finding humor in the traditional garb worn by the Church associates. Hillman, however, pays no mind to all this as he begins.

“Gentlemen, I’ve brought you together today in order to get you all acquainted with each other before…”



A shout from Legion along with a slam of the fists to the table startles the rest of the room. The Circus newbie points at Ruckus, who has a cigarette in his mouth and a lighter in his hands.

“You’ll kill us all, you jerk!”

Ruckus turns around to see exactly what Legion is pointing at: a sign just above the doorway that reads “NO SMOKING.” Ruckus scoffs at the sign, putting his lighter away but leaving the cigarette as Hillman clears his throat in frustration, adjusting his tie before he continues.

“Right, so the goal of today’s meeting is to get to know each other better. I’d like to officially welcome our newest member, Legion.”

MDK and Ruckus give a slight wave with a retort from each, starting with MDK.

“Welcome to the Circus, Churchy.”

“Yeah, whaddup preacher?”


Legion slams his fists on the desk again, glaring at both of them as Hillman moves on unphased.

“Now, let’s move on to more important business shall we? In just a few days you all will be playing a major role in Dependence Day 11. MDK, Ruck, you two are defending the Tag Team titles against Old School Style…”

This gets a small cheer from MDK and Ruckus as Hillman continues.

“…and Legion will be teaming with Kent Clark in the clusterf**k match for the Light Heavyweight and North American titles.”

Silence fills the room, to the point where crickets can be heard chirping. Legion throws his hands up in disappointment.

“Oh, come on!”

MDK is seen holding his phone, from which the cricket noise is heard. He shuts off the phone, setting it down as Hillman simply shakes his head before continuing once more.

“I think you three should get used to each other. Filming those group promos won’t be any easier, you know!”

For the first time the three Circus members can agree on something, groaning at the thought of yet another disaster to come upon them. Legion sets his head down on the desk, hoping the meeting will just end already.


Washington, DC – July 3, 2010

It is now the day before Dependence Day 11, and TFWF fans have flocked to the nation’s capital to watch new rivalries and alliances unfold. At this house show in particular, all eyes seem to be on the next event’s opening contest: five teams battle for the Light Heavyweight and North American titles, in what is being billed the “Depend on You” match. The next match scheduled for this evening is a warm-up match for one of the competitors, the man who lost the Light Heavyweight Championship at Death or Glory. The fans are up on their feet as a new song fills the arena, the guitar riffs and female vocals of “I’m So Sick” by Flyleaf. The change in music does not distract the crowd from booing the man walking onto the stage in his robe, the former disciple known as Legion.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

As Legion saunters down the ramp, glaring at the crowd with his now signature smirk, he cannot hear the heavy booing; instead, all he can hear is his heart beating ever quicker, his thoughts racing through his mind as he enters the ring, staring a hole into his opponent. The young man standing across the ring from Legion tries his best to hide his fear, but to no avail; Legion can tell this boy is shivering all over his body. Legion turns to ringside, demanding a microphone. Receiving one, he turns back to the kid in the ring, his smirk replaced with a snarl as he speaks with authority.

“If you want to survive the night, I suggest you leave right now. I have business to attend to, and I’m in no mood to deal with scum like you.”

The kid beats his chest with a fist, challenging Legion to do something drastic. With a sigh, Legion shakes his head before charging at the young man, bashing him in the skull with the microphone. Legion continues the assault on the ring itself, slamming his fists into the face of the kid as referees run in from the back to break up the rather one-sided fight.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.

It takes three referees to hold Legion back, as the other four pull the kid out of the ring. They help him walk up the ramp as Legion finally collects himself, pulling away from the refs and grabbing the microphone. A sense of rage is evident in his voice as he speaks now.

“Do you people understand what I’ve been through? I watched as my so-called Deliverer fell from grace at the hands of that sinful man you all cheer for, Sebastian Cross.”

Legion is interrupted by a big pop for the current World champion, before he continues.

“Worse yet, I watched my destiny slip away at the hands of some idiot in a superhero costume. But, as many have done in the past, this Church shall endure, for I stand before you as their new pastor. With the assistance of the One Ring Circus, we will move boldly into the future!”

The fans boo even louder, refusing to believe what Legion is saying.

“There are those who would see to it that our mission fails, but I tell you the truth, this Church will not falter. Our unwavering faith in the power of our God will see us through even the most trying times. And these are indeed trying times, ye of little faith; tomorrow night I step into the ring, teaming with Kent Clark as we go after the Light Heavyweight and North American championships, respectively.”

The mention of their favorite 8-Bit Kid brings cheers from the crowd, which in turns brings that famous smirk back to Legion’s face.

“I figured you’d like that. It’s a funny thing, though; this time last year, I fell short of the North American title in a match that later led to my release from the TFWF. And here I stand, preparing to team with the man I attacked when James Onlee first opened my eyes to the truth of God.”

The crowd boos in response, but Legion is not shaken as he continues, a look of concern on his face.

“It’s something else I’ve had to think about. I’ve realized now, that what I did may have been wrong. My pursuit of truth should not have come at the cost of striking another man in anger, and for that I apologize. I’m sorry, Kent Clark.”

The crowd begins to cheer this change of heart, but the concern on Legion’s face melts away, replaced with yet another smirk.

“But you should realize that I don’t regret my actions one bit. They have shaped me to become the man of God I am today, so come Dependence Day, all I ask of you is to prevent any grudge you may still hold against me from costing us this match. If you can forgive me for the one foolish mistake I’ve made in my career, and do what YOU need to do, then who can stop us?”

Surprisingly, this gets a few more cheers from the crowd. Not as surprising is the assumption that these fans are more interested in seeing Kent win than watching this man in front of them become champ again.

“I mean honestly, who could get in the way of our path? The team of rookies in Ash Wilson and Riley Kendrick? Here, let me shed some light on the situation. Ash Wilson’s attitude is very unbecoming of someone in her position; a woman should not be so over confident when facing a man of God like me. The mistress Babylon was a drunkard, and indeed this Ash Wilson is drunk on pride. At Dependence Day, I promise to humble her in such a way that only the Church can provide. And to God be the glory, forever and ever. And as for her partner, well…the tagline for this show is “who can you depend on,” is it not? Needless to say, Riley Kendrick cannot depend on Ash Wilson to help him, and that will bring a tragic end to his quest for gold.”

The tide has turned on the fans’ reactions; for the first time since before Saturday Night Slam, a majority of the crowd is actually supporting the message of Legion, who smiles at the sight.

“Indeed, the path to glory is clear and none can stand in the way of progress. Dragon Demonico, a man I’ve had my eye on for quite some time, is now making the rookie mistake of biting off more than he can chew. Tell me, at what point did you decide that your accomplishments elsewhere could dictate where you belong in THIS company? Here, let me shine some more light just for you: going purely on wrestling accomplishments, the TFWF Light Heavyweight Championship is the greatest title I’ve held in my three years wrestling. So, when I see someone like you coming in and looking for that glory, I can understand where you’re coming from…but, for you to act like you are anywhere NEAR my level is blasphemy, and I will not tolerate it! At Dependence Day I will put your hopes and dreams to shame, and your new little friend Domingo Cruz will suffer the same fate I went through last year. Cruz insists it’s all about the 2-1-0, but I’m inclined to believe it’s all about the 5-6-2…but I digress.”

Among the rising boos is a scattered amount of laughter as Legion continues.

“Who can stop the destiny that awaits us? Surely not the last second pairing of Jose Ramon and Latrisha, two former champions looking for one last shot at glory. Jose Ramon, you disappointed me big time. You fought Phenom to his very limit, but at the very cusp of putting him away…you fell flat on your face. You gave up, like the coward you really are!”

The crowd is livid at this, some beginning to throw trash into the ring. Legion is untouched by all this, however, as he presses on further.

“How does it feel, knowing you can’t quite measure up? Here you are, on your knees like a dog, begging for one last chance to prove yourself. But I tell you the truth, Jose Ramon; you will not find what you’re looking for. All that awaits you at Dependence Day is another failure, when I finish the job Phenom could not be bothered to deal with. You sure have a way with women, don’t you? Do you get your jollies believing you are some sort of protector in your tag teams? Latrisha is in for a rude awakening tomorrow night; mark my words, I may very well have found a new recruit for the Sisters In Need.”

Legion grins again, the fans even more livid at his statements. The trash seems flowing as Legion continues, but he pays no mind whatsoever.

“Again I ask, ye of little faith, who can interfere with the inevitable? Not even the defending champions, who no doubt are scrambling for some semblance of strategy. The Masked Marvel proved a formidable foe at Death or Glory, but I stand by what I said: this so-called superhero is nothing more than a false prophet, and his lies shall be destroyed by the Truth at Dependence Day. If he believes he has some sort of edge going into this match, I’m afraid he is sadly mistaken. Tomorrow night I will prove once and for all there is no place for politics in the kingdom of heaven, and to God be the glory forever and ever. And Chester Addison, the poor Englishman who has to listen to Marvel’s false prophecy, will get a taste of revenge for that fateful night in Hayward…oh yes you will, Chester. I still remember, and it’s a memory that’s been eating away at me for years.”

Legion stops for a moment, thinking about this. Choosing not to dwell any further, he shrugs off the feeling and moves on.

“All of this has been ordained since the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth. At Dependence Day, I may or may not be able to depend on Kent Clark…but I can depend on my God, and that is all I need. So it is written, so shall it come to pass. When all is said and done, God will be praised on high.”

He pauses one more time, before uttering one last word.


With this he drops the microphone to the ring, as he begins to leave the ring.


He climbs out, and makes his way up the ramp as the fans continue booing, his music blaring throughout the arena as he exits through the back curtain. As he passes through the curtain, he notices a newspaper lying on the floor. He picks the paper up, opening it to read the headline circled in red ink: “EXPLOSION IN LOCAL CHURCH – NO BODIES FOUND”



Zombies Need Love, Too.

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I’ll admit, I’m a geek. After all, it takes a real nerd to admit they love pretending to be a wrestler on the Internet. But some of you out there may be thinking, “I do not want to wrestle.” Well, if you’re a fan of horror films, I may have an alternative for you yet. Enter…The Sanctuary.

What is The Sanctuary? It is essentially a creative writing competition centered around everyone’s favorite undead…zombies. If you like to come up with stories AND want to pretend to survive the zombie apocalypse, this is the place for you. To make things even easier, those of you who ARE into eWrestling will find the setup of The Sanctuary very user-friendly, as the owner/founder Jesse Gunn has formatted a lot of the place to look like an efed, except that there are no titles to fight for, just a TON of zombies to look out for.

The game runs in six week “seasons,” which began with Civil Unrest. I had the honor of roleplaying for three weeks as Bobby Azula, a man I once used in eWrestling, before being eliminated. Results of each episode are posted, with who remains and who is eliminated (which does not necessarily mean killed, by the way). The game has just begun its second season, Without A Bang, and sign-ups for season 3 should begin around mid-August.

All in all, this place is worth checking out if you’re into creative writing and/or just want to see what it would be like to live out every horror movie you’ve ever watched. The cast of past and present characters involved has plenty of variety, from former pro wrestlers to doctors to serial killers and much more. Be sure to check out The Sanctuary, and keep a close hold on your brains!

The Experts presents: Extreme Tournament 2010

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The biggest tournament in eWrestling is now underway! Starting August 1, watch as ninety-seven of the greatest writers in the game face off for a shot at the True Expert Championship, in a historical tournament with a sick, deranged twist: the Facility that once held Siberian Wrestling will play host, with the finals being held under Siberian Rules!

With the prison setting comes some changes to this year’s tourney, with the inclusion of “wings.” Each wing contains sixteen wrestlers (with the exception of Wing A, which technically houses the True Expert himself as well), and serves as the structure for deciding who moves on through the quarterfinals. Each first round match is a Triple Threat match with one wrestler seeded based on the Experts rankings and two unseeded wrestlers (free agents and those lower ranked). For the seedings and prison allocations, click HERE.

It’s worth noting that there are several free agents this year, including a rash of participation from former Experts fed XWF. With this much competition, who will win this year’s Extreme Tournament, and be crowned the True Expert? The only way to find out is to keep an eye out on this huge event! For the first round card, click HERE.

And remember, be on the lookout for more updates via Experts forums and EFK!

Be sure to check out The Experts for all the latest updates on the tourney, as well as all the feds and wrestlers involved in the interfed.

PWR BOTR#1 Posted!

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For the latest happenings at PWR according to the scattered brain of AlexK, click HERE!

Site is Live!

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Welcome to the official site for AlexK’s Best of the Rest, covering the leftovers of eWrestling and beyond! Be sure to watch for the latest updates, including my articles at TFWF and PWR.